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Kids Activites

Novotel Bangkok Platinum is a family-friendly hotel that offers a variety of activities to keep kids entertained and engaged during their stay. One of the exciting activities available for children is the Kids Private Cooking Class at The Square restaurant. This cooking class provides a unique opportunity for kids to explore their culinary skills in a safe and supervised environment.



The Kids Private Cooking Class at Novotel Bangkok Platinum is a fun and interactive experience designed to introduce children to the world of cooking. Led by professional chefs, the class allows kids to learn basic cooking techniques and create their own delicious dishes. The Square restaurant offers a spacious and well-equipped kitchen where children can unleash their creativity and develop a love for cooking.


During the cooking class, children are guided through a step-by-step process of preparing a variety of kid-friendly recipes. The chefs provide hands-on instruction and teach the little chefs about the importance of using fresh and healthy ingredients. Kids get to chop, mix, and stir their way to making tasty treats under the careful supervision of the culinary experts.


The Kids Private Cooking Class at The Square restaurant encourages children to explore their taste buds and try new flavors. They get to experiment with different ingredients and learn how to combine them to create delightful dishes. Whether it’s making pizzas, cupcakes, or healthy snacks, kids have the opportunity to showcase their culinary creativity and take pride in their culinary creations.

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In addition to the cooking class, Novotel Bangkok Platinum also offers another exciting activity for kids called “Kids Own Way Smoothie.” This activity focuses on promoting healthy eating habits and teaching children the importance of nutrition in a fun and interactive way. Kids are encouraged to create their own smoothie recipes using a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients.


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The smoothie making activity allows kids to express their creativity while learning about the benefits of a balanced diet. They can choose their favorite fruits, experiment with different combinations, and blend their own unique smoothie creations. The activity is not only entertaining but also educates children about the importance of incorporating healthy choices into their daily lives.

Novotel Bangkok Platinum understands the value of engaging kids in hands-on activities that promote learning, creativity, and healthy living. With the Kids Private Cooking Class at The Square restaurant and the Kids Own Way Smoothie making activity, children can have an enjoyable and educational experience during their stay at the hotel. These activities are designed to foster a love for cooking, encourage healthy eating habits, and create lasting memories for young guests.

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