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Where is Bangkok

Bangkok is more than just a geographical location. It is a state of mind, a way of life and above all, a starting point for making fantastic memories. Need to pinpoint it further? Here’s our take on where is Bangkok:

To start with the basics– Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city, the seat of the Thai Royal Family and the main center of the country. Historically, it’s Thailand’s 4th capital already and located in the delta of the Chao Phraya River. Many peoples’ first visit to South-east Asia starts in Bangkok, as it is a popular city that is visitor-friendly and a great gateway to the region. Fiery, fun and irresistible, Thai food is another great representative of Thailand to the world stage.

A City that is full of life

Where is Bangkok? Bangkok is where life happens at an irresistible place. Fun fact: Guinness World Records have certified that Bangkok boasts the world’s longest city name at 168 letters. In its shortened form, it means “The City of Angels”. Thailand’s weather is mainly humid and warm, with sudden rain showers during the monsoon season and chances for cooler weather towards the end of the year.

Bangkok by the Sea

Did you know that Bangkok even has its own seafront? Bang Khun Thian is one of the city’s 50 districts that actually borders on the Gulf of Thailand. Make a day-trip to experience the sea breeze and see it yourself! There is also a museum there that chronicles the historic communities that have called the area home since 1867.

So to conclude, “Where is Bangkok?” is a question that should be immediately followed by “And why am I not there yet!” It’s time to make your own Bangkok memories and leave your mark on the city that has transfixed millions.

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