Best seafood buffet promotion

Seafood Buffet Promotion in Bangkok

If you’re looking for somewhere with the best seafood buffet promotion in Bangkok, congratulations.  The SQUARE Restaurant at Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam is the right place for you! From lunch to dinner, almost every day can be transformed into a time to enjoy the fruits of the sea. We have the best quality of seafood. Also, we offer many choices for seafood. This makes Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam talk of the town when it comes to a seafood buffet. Moreover, we have a great promotion to offer. Our special deal for our buffet is up to 50% if you book with us online. Who would want to miss this?


Great Seafood Buffet Options for You to Savour

Seafood Buffet Promotion in Bangkok

Whether you are hungry for seafood buffet on weekdays or weekends, we have them all for you. Novotel Bangkok Platinum has many buffet options and best seafood buffet promotion. From Sunday to Thursday, our seafood dinner buffet can be as huge as a festival. You can enjoy unlimited blue crabs and river prawns. They are the highlights of the weekday seafood dinner buffet. Our chefs will steam blue crabs and grill river prawns for you without stop. You can, of course, eat as many as you want since this is a buffet.

And we do not just steam crabs and grill river prawns to serve you. You can also enjoy blue crabs and river prawns in a lot of delicious ways. Our chef can also stir-fry crabs with curry powder. We can also deep-fry river prawns and add tamarind sauce. These are just some great examples. Also, not just crabs and river prawns that we have for you. With our best seafood buffet, we also offer New Zealand mussels, squids, prawns, salmon on the grill.

When it comes to a weekend, of course, you will be with friends and family. This is why our buffet promotion on weekends is larger. On Saturday, at lunchtime, you can enjoy unlimited grilled river prawns. At dinnertime, it is party time. And not just a normal party, it is a really huge one. You will enjoy many choices of seafood. We have steamed Alaskan king crabs, sea crabs, snow crabs and rock lobsters. If you also love fresh oysters and foie gras, this will be your paradise. We offer imported oysters and foie gras in this Friday to Saturday dinner buffet as well.

But if these seafood choices are not enough, we still have Sunday Brunch for you. You can enjoy all the seafood items we mentioned above. Moreover, you will also have a chance to taste our delicious carvings. We do have roasted beef, lamb, chicken, ham and baked salmon. For you not to get bored, we will rotate these carvings every week.

We Offer More Than Just a Seafood Buffet


Our seafood buffet is not really just seafood. We do offer more than that. You can also enjoy International food from all the continents. At the Japanese corner, you can savour our many types of sushi and fresh sashimi. From our Chinese zone, enjoy our famous crispy pork belly and roasted duck. These two menus are our guests’ favourites. Apart from that, we also have barbeque red pork and Dim Sum. If you love European food as well, we got you covered. You can order pizza and pasta from our European corner. Our chefs will cook them the way you like. And for our Muslim guests, we also have the halal food corner. The menus here will be without pork. If you like spicy food, Thai food here is the way to go. Our Tom Yum and spicy papaya salads will make you hungry for more. And last but not least, we do have dessert and cake corner. You can taste homemade cakes, ice creams and Thai desserts. We also have season fruits for you to complete this big best seafood buffet in Bangkok.


Best Promotions We have for Our Best Seafood Buffet


Make your choice of seafood buffet promotion in Bangkok the right one with The SQUARE Restaurant at Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam. Delicious food, an inviting ambience and great service are waiting! And that is not all. The best part is the promotion that we offer to you. We have many time slots for you to enjoy our best seafood buffet. You can choose whenever you want to arrive. In almost every time slot, we offer a discount. So, you might get the discount up to 50% off. If the best seafood buffet with the best promotions like this won’t satisfy you, nothing will. Moreover, an Accor Plus members can enjoy more value for money with 10% off on top, along with different promotions with credit cards and other partners available for all to enjoy.

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